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"they are super comfy & do hold up well through a 12hr shift " - Martha

Indestructible Robust Animals

Indestructible Robust Animals

☑️ endless comfort for your feet

☑️ non-slick & waterproof

☑️ perfect for scrub life

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The most Chew-Resistant Toy for your Furry companion!

It was designed by our professional crafters in collaboration with Pet lovers to ensure that it will not easily break apart, providing endless hours of entertainment for your dog.

Even the most aggressive chewers won't be able to destroy it!


Stimulates your dog's natural hunting instincts!

It's shaped like a dinosaur and has a fun squeaky sound that dogs love. Our toy is sure to capture your dog's attention and keep them engaged.

The Squeaky Plush adds an extra level of excitement, stimulating your dog's natural hunting instincts and providing added entertainment.

Provides a sense of comfort and security for dogs who are prone to separation anxiety

Made of soft and plush material, our Toy makes it perfect for snuggling up with at bedtime.


Improves Oral Health 

Chewing improves dogs' oral health by scraping off plaque. Our product is veterinarian-backed, 100% safe for pets, and made of pet-safe plush material.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I wash it?

It can only be washed by hand or by washing machine on a gentle/delicate cycle.


Question: What if I'm not satisfied?

Let us know via and we'll quickly work to correct the problem by providing you with a refund or a satisfactory solution.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are they comfy enough?

Yes, beyond comfortable. Make sure to size up and they will fit perfect like a glove.

Are they non slip enough to wear to a food service job?

Yes for sure, a-lot of our customers can confirm that they will be tripping at times and the scloggies will catch them.

What about shipping?

Shipping time will be 7-15 days considering business days. All orders are shipped with a tracking number and you will updated on your order through those tracking numbers given..