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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Cedric S.(USA)
Excellent element for dental photography with mobile, do not hesitate to acquire it. In my case, I use it with an IPhone 11 and the results are extremely wonderful!






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Dental Photography made Easy, Fast and Affordable!

DentrashineTM generates a light and breeze that helps to cause reflector defogging, and assist dentists and other dental practitioners in taking photos in the mouth.

Taking real-time photos with your smart phone instead of using an endoscope to show on the display with the help of DentrashineTM has never been easier and fast.

Just Snap the Lens and Light on your Phone, Capture the picture and Share it !

Why would You need Dentrashine?

💜Automatic Defogging

Through our Dental photography mirrors and tool, it can automatically defog, with a reflectivity close to 95%, which can reflect the real situation. This makes the image produced being clear and accurate.

💜Quiet and Soft Mechanism

DentrashineTM consists of a Professional dental occlusal mirror which has a quiet fan with low noise to repel the fog caused by breathing. But also the LEDs produce soft lighting for more clearer reflection and image production.

💜Easy to Hold

DentrashineTM  doesn't need the help of two or more dentist or practitioners to take a dental photography. One person can take it easily. The Anti-scratching surface intraoral mirrors are ergonomically designed, compact and easy to hold.

💜Smooth Edges

The edge of the intraoral photo reflector lens in the DentrashineTM is smooth and will not accidentally injure the users during work. It is absolutely safe and healthy.

Note: The mirror must be sterilized between treatments by autoclave at 134°C

💜Chargeability and Reusability

DentrashineTM  is a set that comes with a 110v USB charger, fast charging and low power consumption.



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Material of mirror: High hardness stainless steel

Battery: 1000mA, 5V

Input voltage: 100V-240V

Main unit size: 144*84*67mm

Occlusal L mirror: 142*70mm

Occlusal M mirror: 140*55mm

Buccal mirror: 145*50mm

Lingual mirror: 150*55mm

Package list:

Handle with LED light, Occlusal L mirror, Occlusal M mirror, Buccal mirror, Lingual mirror, Charger

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are additional/replacement mirrors available to purchase?

Sorry, we are selling as a set, there are no additional pans for sale at this time

How long does it take for the fan to defog the mirror?

It actually takes abt 5-10 seconds sharp to clear the fog caused by the breath of the user.

Does it come back with a wire charger?

The set comes with a110V USB Charger, fast charging and low power consumption.

What about shipping?

We currently offer Free Shipping Worlwide.Shipping time will be 7-15 days considering business days. All orders are shipped with a tracking number and you will updated on your order through those tracking numbers given..